Our Technology
CanCap Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Along with our group of international companies brings more than 20 years of pharmaceutical industry expertise to every stage of product design and manufacturing.

Our G.M.P, (Good Manufacturing Practices) accredited manufacturing facility passed all local and federal requirements in 2000. Our processes are fully controlled and we are able to ensure that our products are manufactured with unquestionable quality.

As specialists in the encapsulation of suspension formulations, we have the credentials, the level of service, the experience, and the reliability you can expect from a first-class operation capable of serving your particular needs with speed and success.

Making the Best Product Possible

Our Quality Control team plays a critical role throughout the entire production process, from selecting raw materials to testing finished product. Our modern, fully equipped laboratory uses testing methods that meet the latest industry standards, and our state-of-the-art facility surpasses all local and international health food industry production standards.

You can rely on our expertise and attention to detail when sourcing materials and production, and be assured that your product is always of the highest quality possible.

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