Designing a Product for Market

Our Product Development and Purchasing teams work in partnership with you, to better identify and tailor products and formulations to your needs, and to ensure the highest efficiencies throughout manufacturing.

With an ever growing variety of capsule shapes, sizes and colours, we are equipped to meet your market needs and develop your concept from its initial stages right through to finished, ready-to-market product.

Custom Manufacturing

CanCap's entry into the North American softgel encapsulation business has filled an untapped market niche. We have formed strategic alliance with our customers, partnering with them to develop and manufacture products that their brand can trust and rely on.

We are recognized as a reliable company, working hand in hand with customers to meet delivery deadlines. Our attention to detail and flexibility allow us to provide our customers with products of accurate specifications. We are sensitive to the crucial deadlines and inventory requirements for product launches and have helped many of our customers successfully launch.

On Specification, On Budget íK

Our qualified professionals are able to meet your specific needs through our continued efforts to work within your criteria. Our credibility is in maintaining the utmost integrity regarding proprietary information and client confidentiality.

Our fully equipped plant sets us apart as a contract pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic soft gelatin capsule manufacturer. By utilizing leading-edge technology and high-speed machinery, we can provide you with flexible production capabilities, fast and reliable delivery times, and ultimately, greater speed-to-market, on time and on budget.

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