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Do you have a product that could be enhanced through soft gelatin encapsulation? Or, perhaps encapsulation could breath new life into an existing product, or create a brand new category of products.

In 1997, Sinphar founded CanCap Pharmaceutical Ltd. in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. CanCap began manufacturing nutraceutical soft gelatin capsules.
In 2002, our Plant Master File has been approved by Taiwan DOH, allowing us to export drug products to Taiwan.
In 2002 and 2005 CanCap expanded 2 larger new encapsulation lines and various processing equipment to increase productivity and also to produce a larger variety of products.

CANCAP has both the EL (Establishment License) for pharmaceutical production and the SL (Site License) for nutraceutical production in Canada. CANCAP has capability to produce more than a million capsules per day in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Our business includes own-brand YouBest® natural health product and DIN product; OEM manufacturing and R&D services covering formulating, raw material sourcing and custom manufacturing. Recognized as a reliable partner, CANCAP is always ready to meet customer needs with the highest quality products and services.

Currently our products are being exported to the United States, Japan, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico and Europe. We are able to provide necessary documentation for product registration, thus assisting our customers to launch products anywhere in the world.

CanCap's History

1997ĦECompleted Richmond Facility

1999ĦEStarted exporting to the United States, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand

2000ĦEPassed Health Canada, Therapeutic Products Programme G.M.P. inspection

2002ĦEAddition of encapsulation line to increase capacity
        ĦEPlant Master File approved by Taiwan Department of Health
        ĦEValidation approved by Taiwan Department of Health

2003ĦEPassed Taiwan TFDA (Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and welfare) as approved GMP pharmaceutical facility

2005ĦEObtained Health Canada Site Licence

2005ĦEAdded another encapsulation line to increase capacity

2005ĦEExpanded production facility by the addition of finished product warehouse and inspection area

2007ĦEUpgraded rotary drying equipment to increase capsule drying capacity

2008ĦEAdded capsule inspection machine for product quality

2009ĦEPassed Health Canada GMP Inspection; Obtained Establishment License with EL number for activities as fabricator, distributor, and testing laboratory

2010ĦEPassed Health Canada regular GMP inspection; and Post-Market Reporting Compliance inspection

2013ĦEPassed Health Canada regular GMP inspection

2013ĦEStarted selling OTC product

2015ĦEPassed Health Canada regular GMP inspection


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